Do you need a gift for that someone who has everything? Do you want to memorialize someone special? Well then adopting an apple tree is just the thing for you. By adopting an apple tree you’re not only receiving a gift that will last a lifetime, but you will be helping this local farm produce more of the fresh fruit all love. All the money from the adoption goes toward the upkeep of each individual tree, for example: pruning, fertilizing, watering, and picking the fruit.

here how it works

Rs.9000 one time adoption fee with a Rs.3000 annual upkeep fee. It includes:


* 1 PECK OF APPLES (appx. 10 kg.)

* ADOPTION CERTIFICATE (certificate states the person to whom the tree is dedicated, tree variety, tree number so you can locate tree, approximate date when tree will be ready for picking, and person who adopted tree.)

* For additional Rs.1000 we can custom frame your Special Certificate.

* Visitors are welcome with prior advance reservation.

* All visitors must check in at the store so that we can direct you to your specific tree.

* If there is still fruit on your adopted tree at the time of your visit, you may pick and purchase the fruit at the current U-Pick price.

* Use only containers provided by our staff and have had them pre-weighed by our picking booth staff.

* COST: Rs. 800 per bag.

* You will be given bags (capacity 4-5 kg of apples) to be used for picking.

* Please DO NOT bring your own bags