Any Way You Slice’em, They’re Healthy and Delicious


It was a big decision to turn the fruit of our labour into a snack. We knew that people who love apples wanted a real apple chip snack with a difference. Something healthy with nothing strange added. An apple chip as crisp as it claims to be. The kind of crisp you can hear. It was a tall order we filled by finding a way to dehydrate the finest apples from our own Singh Apple Estate orchard. Now everyone can enjoy an apple chip that is truly crisp and all apple

dry apricots

“Apricots have a high amount of soluble fiber which aids digestion function and protects from constipation and other gastrointestinal disorders”

- Apricot can get you rid of eye health issues

-Rich Antioxidants in Apricot make it Super food.

-Rich in fiber and other essential heart health nutrients

-Non-heme iron and vitamin C fight Anaemia for you

-Apricot build shields against our worst enemy- free Radicals & cancer.

-Apricot provide benefits to skin.

-Apricot is best weight loss food.

-Strengthens your bones & protect from Osteoporosis.

-Electrolyte content maintains better connection between brain and body.