Redlum Gala

A rounded fruit with weak ribbing on a top, saturated red, with white, the average sizes hypodermic specks.
SKIN: thin, dense, dry.
FLESH: light yellow, dense, juicy, fragile, excellent sourishly sweet taste.

Scarlett Spur 2

A new and improved variety of red delicious. Scarlet spur two is mutation of scarlet spur and have all the characteristics of its parent and gets fully colored before 3 days from the parent.

Royal Delicious

This delicious fruit is Crispy and Crunchy. Royal Apples can be stored for long time due to its hardness and can't be easily overripe.
SKIN: elongated bright red apple.
FLESH: creamy yellow flesh.

Super Chief

A medium sweet, crisp apple, richer and good sized fruit, with intense red color and elongated fruit shape.
SKIN:pretty, bright red, blocky apple
FLESH: crisp, cream colored flesh

Golden Delicious

A sweet favorite, versatile apple, stays chunky when cooked.
SKIN: flecked yellow skin
FLESH: non-browning flesh


Sweet off the tree, growing sweeter and richer in storage, keeps crisp and juicy up to 8 months
SKIN: orange red flush over greenish yellow skin
FLESH: crisp, clean flesh

Granny Smith

A firm and juicy apple, medium to large in size and round in shape.
SKIN: bright green thick skin.
FLESH: bright white and crisp in texture with a tart, acidic, yet subtly sweet flavor.

Red Velox

A middle-big apple which grows 1 week before Red Delicious.
SKIN: dark red.
FLESH: washy light-striped


An old favorite, distinctive sweet flavor.
SKIN: red, striped skin, long conical shape
FLESH: white and crisp, very juicy

Red Golden

A high maintenance variety, shiny, medium in size, requires pollination for production.
SKIN: red and gold skin
FLESH: juicy, yellow flesh

Crimson Gala

A bright, cherry red color early in the season.
SKIN: a prominently striped skin
FLESH: satiny pale blond flesh.

Royal Gala

A pink-red dessert apple, a cross between the Golden Delicious and a Kids Orange Red and is usually eaten fresh.