Do you need a gift for that someone who has everything? Do you want to memorialize someone special? Well then adopting an apple tree is just the thing for you. By adopting an apple tree you’re not only receiving a gift that will last a lifetime, but you will be helping this local farm produce more of the fresh fruit all love. All the money from the adoption goes toward the upkeep of each individual tree, for example: pruning, fertilizing, watering, and picking the fruit.

Adopt An Apple Tree: Make Your Contribution To Nature Count

For ages, nature has invested in us. Nature has showered its bounties upon humanity so that humankind can sustain and grow. Nature has given us food, water, sunlight, fresh air, and all other bounties free of cost. Nature has never repented in showering such bounties and have never acted miser in providing such bounties since ages.

A vital question that lurks or at least should ring a bell in each of our minds is, “Now that mankind has sustained the rough and enjoyed the good sunny weather, shouldn’t mankind think of investing back into nature?” No! This question makes sense because we know the simple rule of investment “what goes around… comes around.” In short, the assets that we make in nature would come back to us overloaded with returns. Adopting an Apple Tree is one such route of investing in nature.

Why Should You Adopt An Apple Tree?

Investing back in nature can be in various ways and kinds. Each of our small efforts would count on to make our mother nature-rich and vigorous as before. Over the years, we have merely taken from the bounties of nature without quite filling back such bounties. It has left our mother nature depleted and devastated, giving in devastating results such as global warming and climatic change, which surely have an irreversible effect on how humanity sustains and survives. Therefore, now it is high time to start caring and investing in nature so that the irreversible damage can gradually be reduced.

Adopting an Apple Tree at Singh Apple Orchard would be a worthy investment not only for you but also for nature and the economy you are a part of in the following ways:

Adopting Apple Tree: You Will Help Nature

  • By helping in contributing constructively towards increasing farm production for a lifetime
    • By contributing to keeping and maintaining the trees in the orchard
    • By providing the best organic fertilizers, manures, and other essential insect controlling chemicals
    • By paying for the pruning of adopted apple trees from time to time
    • By paying for watering of plants as required
    • By paying an incentive for timely plucking of apples and going through the process of maturity
  • By helping the economy by boosting localised production of indigenously produced fruits, especially apples

Adopting Apple Tree: Benefits And Needs

  • Adopting a tree is one such investment that helps protect nature and provide a good return to the investor. Some of the reasons why one should think of adopting an apple tree include:

    • Trees, especially Apple Trees, require specific soil and climatic conditions which might not be available everywhere. Investors residing elsewhere get a chance to invest in an apple tree from wherever they stay without investing separately in land specifically needed to grow apple trees.
    • Trees, especially Apple Trees, need a lot of care, and professional orchard managers must provide such care. Thus adopting a tree helps investors invest in nature without thinking about the other aspects of the trees.
    • If taken proper care of, an apple tree is known to yield around 15 to 20 bushels of fruit every year. Thus, adopting an apple tree is a worthy enough investment for the investor too.

    Adopt an Apple Tree at Singh Apple Orchard and make your investment count. You will have your apple tree, and they are nothing short of your children. While your children may or may not be the way you want them to be, but your adopted apple tree would always be yours and would also give you a good return on investment from time to time.

Here How It Works

Rs.9000 one time adoption fee with a Rs.3000 annual upkeep fee. It includes:

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