Himalaya’s long, warm summer days, abundant rainfall, rich organic soil, and crisp fall nights produce apples with character, flavor, and crunch. Whether you’re looking for apples for eating, baking a pie, or cooking in a commercial kitchen, we have a variety to suit your needs. We’re ready to welcome you and your family to our orchards for an apple picking adventure.


During varying seasons we offer special group is a great opportunity for your special group to experience our farm in an educational way and also explore “Chanshal Valley” (13000 ft. from sea level) The Heart of the Great Himalaya. We feel it is essential to educate our youth about the importance of farms in our community. After all, “No Farmers = No Food!!” Education made fun is the motivation behind our guided tours.


Most importantly…Have fun!

Apples are one of the best all-season fruits. You can either place an order for them or you can pick them up and choose the best on your own. As soon as you search for “picking near me”, you will come across a lot of options and find Singh Apple Orchard finding pride of the place.

Apples are the best and easiest fruits to pick. Their big size and its inability to bruise easily makes it an ideal choice for picking up. Most apple varieties can be stored properly or can be eaten fresh. It can also be cooked, frozen, canned, and added to make healthy dishes.

Apples are considered very good for health. These are low in sodium, free of fat and cholesterol and amazing in taste. The weight of one bushel is somewhere around 42 and 48 lbs containing 85-95 apples. When you pick apples near me, you will come across an amazing variety of this fruit available at Singh Apple Orchard.

  • Here are a few picking tips that you must know-

    • Always look for bruise-free, firm, and smooth textured apples.
    • The colour of these apples may vary from bright red to pink, yellow, dark red, orange or even a mix of colours depending on the variety.
    • Select firm and crisp apples and find out which apples are ripe by asking us.
    • It is imperative to note that apples ripen from its position towards the periphery of the tree gradually moving towards the center. Thus, apples at the outer periphery ripens first followed by those that are on the inner side.
    • Apples after being picked stops ripening. When picking an apple, give a little twist by rolling the apple upwards. Avoid shaking branches.
    • Keep the stem of the apple intact when picking it as it helps to store the apples for a longer time.

    Pick only those apples that you would like to eat and enjoy. Do not pick them just for the fun of it as ripening process of the apples stops as soon as it is plucked off from the branch. Use the freshly picked apples for cooking, canning, making apple jam or sauce, eating fresh, baking and more.

    After the apples have been picked, place them gently in a basket and do not throw them as it can get bruised and go bad in no time. Thus, gentle handling is a must. Wash the apple only right before you are planning to use it. Pre-washing may result in its quick spoilage. Shelf life of picked apples can be easily increased by keeping them cool. Store them in a cool basement or keep it in the veggie tray of the refrigerator. Such apples can keep for weeks together without any bruising.

    At Singh Apple Orchard, you will find the best apple picking experience. Visit us and have loads of fun picking your favourite apple varieties.

    We are the best apple farm pick your own service provider where you will enjoy different varieties of apples hanging low from the branches. Pick them and eat them fresh and it savour its flavour.